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Kimura Cup 2012

Fortknocks Kimura Shukokai Karate club recently returned from the Kimura Cup championships with an incredible 6 Gold, 5 Silver & 1 bronze medal, rounding up the best ever medal count for the club.


SKF England Squad member Michael Baker showing major improved performances of late won his Kata (Forms) event in style, and was in fine form in the Kumite (Fighting) getting to the Lightweight Senior Final but narrowly losing out to his fellow England team mate from another club in the final.


Emma Bradley who is another star in the ascendance continued her winning ways by claiming Gold in the Cadet Senior Kata event, against some very strong opposition, but held her nerve to claim the gold.  She also won Silver in the Cadet Under 12s Heavyweight Kumite.


Jack Preece who has shown great improvement in the last 12 months, showed all the hard work paid off by claiming Gold in the Cadet Peewee Kumite event, and taking the Silver in the Kata event.


Joshua Jones also struck Gold in the Cadet Junior Kata with a fine performance in the final, showing great strength and charisma.


In only his first tournament Paul Thompson also reached his first final, but narrowly lost out to claim the Silver in the Adult Junior Kata event.


Lucy Sheldon also in successive tournaments put in a solid display to take the silver in the Cadet Junior Kata final.  


In the team events Joshua Jones and Callum Sheldon struck Gold in the Team Kata Under 15s Junior Team Kata, whilst Lucy Sheldon & Jack Preece also stormed to victory to take the Gold in the Under 10s Team Kata Juniors.


Emma Bradley, Callum Sheldon & Chloe Attwood also took Bronze in the Cadet Team Kumite event.  


Club Instructor Sensei Audun Daniels 5th Dan took Gold in the Mens Senior Heavyweight category, and also took the Best competitor award.


Sensei Daniels was very pleased with all his student with  the result, as this was the best medal haul the club has ever had.  Members are now back in training for the next competition on the calendar, and a few club members are in training for the European Championships in Finland next year.




(Back) L-R - Micheal Baker, Lucy Sheldon, Joshua Jones

Jack Preece & Paul Thompson

(Front) L-R - Emma Bradley, Callum Sheldon,

Sensei Audun Daniels & Chloe Attwood